Slow Food Event

Lots of new things…

So after a bit of a struggle in my personal health, I am back and hope that this year will bring a lot of good! The first good started when I accepted a position in the Board of Slow Food Calgary. I fell in love with this organization when I visited the Feast of Fields […]

CTH 2012 Summary

The Winning Team of Calgary’s first annual Culinary Treasure Hunt is: Chewy Goodness!!!!!!! Some fun facts: 100 participants, in teams of 2, all with silly names such Chewy Goodness, Food Zombies and Dining Diva’s. The day started with a breakfast Launch Party donated by Casel Marche with pastries of Wild Grainz, registration teams got their […]

Thank you all for an amazing Culinary Treasure Hunt!!!

After months of preparation it was finally there: The First Annual Culinary Treasure Hunt!! As with all “Firsts” there were lessons to learn! But I am very happy to see the enthusiasm of the almost 100 foodies who put their hearts and souls into the hunting! One of the biggest challenges, besides the treasures, seemed […]

It is the day!!!! The Culinary Treasure Hunt is finally on it’s way!

Today we started early with getting some really yummie pastries from Wild Grainz in Inglewood, who donated some wonderful goodies! From here directly to our first stop of the day: Casel Marche who hosted our Launch Party with cookies, coffee and other good stuff. Right at 8:30 am people started coming in for registration. Lots […]


I love my newest “job”: scouting for Culinary Treasures! This weekend we started of at the Calgary Farmer’s Market. They had their Chowdown Event, which was a lot of fun and a lot of people. There were a bunch of FoodTruckers invited to show off their food, wow Calgarians are in love with their Food […]

Our first Culinary Treasure Hunt is on its way!

The first registrations are coming in! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this event, it is so much fun to hear the enthusiastic responses around me. Of course first of all Casel Marche has offered to host the Launch Party, they are such a great company. It is awesome to see how […]

I love the summer!!!

The summer of 2012, I love it, so far it is one of the best. It already started with a great Canada Day, beautiful weather, awesome atmosphere, great bites to eat with the food trucks downtown at Olympic Plaza and later home, enjoying ribs on the BBQ with the whole family. Then of course the […]

Lot’s of fun things!

First of all I like to announce last month’s winner of the Pasta-Challenge. We had such a great dishes; it was really difficult to choose. Girlfoodie came up with a beautiful Rigatoni dish, which we all enjoyed. So Girlfoodie, please contact me to arrange a time to pick up your price: $50.- worth of Farmer’s […]

It’s April

Wow time flies. I can hardly imagine that we’re already in April. This month my hubby and I celebrate our 25 year anniversary. Funny to think that 25 years ago I was nervous for the big day, still living with my parents back in The Netherlands. And now we’re here in Calgary. It’s unbelievable how […]

Ready Steady Go!

I love watching Jamie Oliver cook. It’s funny how he uses his whole body while he is prepping food. When I was still teaching cooking classes to teenagers, my first lesson was about preparing you self for cooking. Basic things such as washing your hands, take off jewelry, yes, also all your 20 rings :), […]

Lunch Salads

Nice lunch salad! At one of our girl’s day out, we had a lunch at Moxi’s. Both my oldest daughter and me are watching our weight and so, instead of a sandwich or pasta bowl, we tried out a salad. I am not sure if it really was so much “less calories” but it definitely […]

Calgary’s Best Restaurants 2012: The List | Avenue Magazine

It’s that time of the year again. The numbers are in….and the winner of the 2012 Best Restaurant of the year is……Brava Bistro. Congratulations to the owner and the staff of Brava Bistro. You guys made many people happy with your food and hopefully I will experience the great food soon. A good second is […]


Todays Dealfind is a $50.- worth of food/alcohol at Tango’s Bistro for only $25.-!!! We have had the pleasure to eat there already a couple of times and we love it! The fun thing from Tango is that you can share platters and thus eat a variety of great dishes. Their desserts are so beautiful […]

NOtaBLE’s Stilton Cheese Cake

About a year ago we (Culinary Calgary) visited NOtaBLE in the Bowness area. Wow! That was absolutely one of the best food I ever ate. We had a beautiful salad with Gouda cheese as a starter. I love cheese and of course as a Dutchie I love my Gouda. This was a Sylvan star Gouda […]

Frugal February

Frugal February For us as a family, December and January are quite expensive with first the holidays and later a couple of birthdays. February is therefore the month to save a bit to come back on track. But I love saving money; it makes me more creative! There is a lot to save in the […]

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