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So after a bit of a struggle in my personal health, I am back and hope that this year will bring a lot of good!

The first good started when I accepted a position in the Board of Slow Food Calgary. I fell in love with this organization when I visited the Feast of Fields last year in September. At this event local chefs where coupled with local producers. This resulted in wonderful food. When I was a teenager I always told people I wanted to marry a farmer. I saw my self hugging cows, carrying around chickens, feeding pigs, etc. Well, years later, I met Gary a real life computer guy and fell in love heads over heals.
But visiting the Feast of Fields made me think of that I still could get a bit closer to the farm feeling by finding the roots of the food I eat. So I “applied” for a board position and this year I started as a Director of Slow Food Calgary. Hope to make them as happy as they’ve made my by becoming a part of this great organization.

The second good thing is that I am working with City Palate on the second Culinary Treasure Hunt. So mark your calendars: October 5th will be the day that we will have you run around the city to find the great culinary treasures of Calgary. This event will be a part of the festivities to celebrate the City Palate’s 20th year anniversary. We have found Casel Marche willing to welcome us again for the Launch Breakfast and are still looking for a place to host our Crowning Party. We’re aiming for 200 participants and all proceeds will go to a good cause again. Keep your eyes open for more news around this event!

Last but not least: I am looking for volunteers and board members for the Meaningful Meals Foundation. This organization focusses on bringing people back around the table. Not as much focussing on the food but more on the importance of eating together as families, friends, neighbours, etc. We already had a first meeting with some really enthusiastic people but need more volunteers to get this going.

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