I love my newest “job”: scouting for Culinary Treasures!
This weekend we started of at the Calgary Farmer’s Market. They had their Chowdown Event, which was a lot of fun and a lot of people. There were a bunch of FoodTruckers invited to show off their food, wow Calgarians are in love with their Food Trucks. Line ups every where, the smallest line up was at the Fiasco Ice Cream Truck. We were hungry and not too much in the mood of waiting, so we had their daily special for dinner: A warm bacon waffle with chocolate ice cream. Yumm. We enjoyed being at the FM, as usual, we’re big fans of the Farmers Markets. A lot of treasures in one big awesome place!

Saturday we scouted in the Kensington area. It was, again, a beautiful day to be out. One of the greatest treasures we found in Kensington was the Oliv Tasting Room. If you love your olive oil and your balsamic, you have to go there. I have never seen or tasted such a wonderful variety of flavoured oils and balsamics. I fell in love with vinegar, how crazy is that! They have a beautiful espresso flavoured balsamic. My tastebuds went wild 🙂

I had a big laugh at the Coffee House Sanctuary where the barista, a nice young guy who seemed to have a lot of fun in his job, came up with the idea to find their mascot, Wally, as one of the treasures. A small problem though, Wally seemed to be missing. Hilarious, we had our own little Treasure Hunt just than and there!

We ended our scouting at the Bottle Room, we had a great Stampede Flatbread. I love Calgary!!!! Who would ever think I would say that. Me who did not want to live in Calgary, who stated over and over “I am not a big city girl”!

As the people of say: So many reasons to love Calgary.
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