Ready Steady Go!

I love watching Jamie Oliver cook. It’s funny how he uses his whole body while he is prepping food. When I was still teaching cooking classes to teenagers, my first lesson was about preparing you self for cooking. Basic things such as washing your hands, take off jewelry, yes, also all your 20 rings :), hair in a pony tail, etc. An then start getting your cooking mind on, read the recipe; what do you need, which pans, pots, etc.

Jamie is teaching us just that. Put on the water kettle, pre-heat the oven, towel under neath the cutting board, etc. For me the step of reading the recipe is what’s most important. My biggest kitchen bloopers are the ones where I completely forgot to check on ingredients. Often the ingredients that I normally have in my pantry but when I need it for cooking, it mysteriously disappeared.

Last weekend I had been in the kitchen all Saturday, so I wanted something really easy and quick on Sunday. I remembered watching Jamie bake a Spanakopita pie which he baked with using only one pan. It was good, it could have been better with some punch (chili pepper, garlic).

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