Best Dutch Apple Pie Ever

I got eat this one while visiting friends in The Netherlands. Back home it was the first baking I did. This recipe is great for experimenting. I am still playing around with it.

Oreo Muffins

This muffin has a whipped cream topping!

Chocolate Tort with salted pistachio brittle

Ooooh soo good, a chocolate tart with salted pistachio brittle on top!

NOtaBLE’s Stilton Cheese Cake

About a year ago we (Culinary Calgary) visited NOtaBLE in the Bowness area. Wow! That was absolutely one of the best food I ever ate. We had a beautiful salad with Gouda cheese as a starter. I love cheese and of course as a Dutchie I love my Gouda. This was a Sylvan star Gouda […]


I was so surprised when I found out that there is hardly any butter in buttertarts! In The Netherlands we have buttertart that has plenty of butter in it, hence the name buttertart. But I love these little tarts, I love the coconut in there, the raisins, this is one the yummiest treats and a […]

Apple-Cardamom Cake

Today I celebrated my birthday. My children woke me up with the traditional Happy Birthday singing and a breakfast in bed. We recently just discovered a Dutch bakery, Glamorgan Bakery, that makes one of my favourit breads: Sugar Bread. This bread has a wonderful taste with layers of sugar and ginger syrup. So I got […]

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