CTH 2012 Summary

The Winning Team of Calgary’s first annual Culinary Treasure Hunt is:
Chewy Goodness!!!!!!!

Some fun facts:
  • 100 participants, in teams of 2, all with silly names such Chewy Goodness, Food Zombies and Dining Diva’s.
  • The day started with a breakfast Launch Party donated by Casel Marche with pastries of Wild Grainz, registration teams got their name plates and their treasure list and off they went!!
  • Telus covered the Treasure Hunt for MyCalgary which will be aired soon. The Food on Your Shirt team was tagged by the camera team for the first few treasures! Unfortunately this team had some bad luck following them as well, they had to give up due to a child that needed to be admitted to the hospital, we hope the little one is feeling much better now!
  • Around 5pm, the first lists came through as well as the first phone calls. It seemed that the submission process was a challenge on its own. The judging started and toke 6 volunteers more than 3 hours!
  • At 7pm, 40 submissions received, 4 teams completed the full Treasure Hunt!! We bow for you, you’re the ultimate Treasure Hunters!
  • At 9pm the Crowning Party started at Kensington’s Broken Plate, there was a free dinner incl. appetizers, salad, lamb/salmon and coffee with Greek donuts!!!
  • At 10:15pm the winner is announced: Chewy Goodness!! They received over $900 in gifts!!
    The runner up are The Mamas and the Tapas they won a prize with a value of over $350. The originality prize went to Peach Passion, they got over $200.- in prizes!! Congratulations to all of you!!!
Write a Haiku about food in Calgary. (5 pt)
Whoo Pie:
Oh Calgary Food Always So Much To Choose From Now We Need New Pants
Fresh Biscuits
Delightful Goodies Around the cowtown city Everyday I find
What we don’t know about the business men in front of The Bay, is that they’re discussing what they’re having for supper tonight, what do you think will be on their menu? (2 pt). Play it, tell it, picture it.
Chewy Goodness:
Eugene: “What’s on the menu for dinner tonight? Geoffry: “We’ll start with a shark fin soup, a main course of prime rib roast with veggies from my garden and finish the meal with some habanero sea salt chocolate paired with a nice La Marca champagne.” Eugene: “Oh mon dieu! Shark fin soup. You know I’m against it.” Geoffry: “My dear friend. Calm down. I don’t mean to offend. We will have butternut squash soup instead.” Eugene: “Wonderful. Count me in.”
Baguette and Butter:
Man 1: “I know you took my cookie from the office kitchen” Man 2: “Like I told you last week and the week before I did not steal your cookie!” Man 1: “Look, if the damn cookie means so much to you let’s go have dinner at Charcut, they have an awesome oven baked cookie that they give you after dinner” Man 1: “Ohhh… that sounds nice” Man 2: “As an appetizer, my friend Calvin just so happens to have one”
Soup a Stars:
For supper tonight they are discussing that they are going to have bread dipped in olive oil from oliv kensington to start, moving onto the parker house for fine dining followed by a bottle of wine picked up at j webbs
Foodie Freaks:
they are completing their discussion whether they should return back to the places they’ve been to on the savanger hunt or to just eat the red plate in front of them since they are so hungry!
Write a love poem, 3 verses, about the Culinary side of Calgary. (5 pt)
Peach Passion:
A Foodie Crush The Calgary food scene Blooms like a crocus in May It’s captured our hearts and it’s here to stay. With spicy aromas, international flare We’ve had a little crush, now it’s a full blown affair. We’ll nibble, we’ll taste Shout our love to the masses. Now all we need, are a few cooking classes!
A Couple of Amuse Bouche:
Love is patient, but food is kind At J. Webb you can find wine At Cassis Bistro we can dine Calgary with its weather sooo “fine” When it’s down time, go have some tea Tea Trader’s is where to be If its a knife that you need Knifeware have knives with leaves Go to Craft to have some beer Put away all your fears So grab some friends and have a meal In Calgary you can find a pretty sweet deal!
Chewy Goodness:
Our love began in Casel Marche with our clues and breakfast we were on our way You took us to fourth and we had a baguette We danced on the tables, we weren’t finished yet 3 farmers markets, umami paste and wine Our senses were delighted but we couldn’t stay to dine We cut some tomatoes, we drew a red tree We hugged a cheese troll and with five famous ladies, we drank a cup of tea Oh Calgary your food scene is something to behold The flavours are new, authentic and bold We can’t wait for next year’s Culinary Treasure Hunt to discover more great places that we can uncover.


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