Thank you all for an amazing Culinary Treasure Hunt!!!

After months of preparation it was finally there: The First Annual Culinary Treasure Hunt!! As with all “Firsts” there were lessons to learn! But I am very happy to see the enthusiasm of the almost 100 foodies who put their hearts and souls into the hunting!

One of the biggest challenges, besides the treasures, seemed to be the uploading of the pictures. This made judging particularly difficult. But we did it, thanks to a 6 persons judging team. And next year, we will come up with a more easy way of uploading.

A lot of teams managed to get full points for the treasures, so it came down to the more creative challenges such as:

  • What we don’t know about the business men in front of The Bay, is that they’re discussing what they’re having for supper tonight, what do you think will be on their menu? (4 pt) Play it, tell it, picture it.
  • Write a love poem, 3 verses, about the Culinary side of Calgary. (5 pt)
  • Write a Haiku about food in Calgary (5 pt)
In the next blog I will give you a bunch of the fun and creative things people wrote!! We had a blast reading your story’s, poems and haiku’s and of course looking through the pictures put a smile on all of our faces.

Calgaria Foodies: You’re the best!!!!!! You made me fell in love with Calgary even more! Thank you all, without your enthusiasm this would not have been the success it turned out to be!!!!

This week a check of $956.- will be sent to Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids. A perfect timing, because till November 15th all the donations made to Brown Bagging will be matched by the Prosser Foundation.

A couple of big Thank You’s to:

Casel Marche; you guys rock. It was so much fun working together with you, Jenn Lutz has been such a great motivator end help with the event planning, you’re such a fun person to work with.
I think I can speak for all the participants when I say that Casel Marche is a wonderful addition to the Calgarian Food scene!

Broken Plate; Wow, what a great dinner and awesome hospitality. The atmosphere was great from the start, lovely food, great service. Thank you Jonathan and staff for a beautiful evening at your Kensington location!!! We will be back!!

All participating businesses; thank you for hosting our participating teams. A few extra Thank You’s for the ones that went above and beyond such as Callebaut, Knifewear, Wild Grainz and many more!! I invite all participants to thank your favourite Treasures!

And of course last but not least our awesome sponsors:
_ Calgary 2012
– International Avenue

The prizes we got donated:

First Prize for the Culinary Cowboys:

4 tickets for a Culinary Tour on International Avenue
$ 150.- gift certificate from Vintage Restaurant Group
Two cooking classes at Cookbook & Co value 189.-
250.- Style family meal at Craft Beer Market
150.- Fashion Items with a value from Maylan
50.- Gift bag with Spice Sauces from the Great Canadian Hot Sauces
2 Food on your Shirt t-shirts

Followed by:
200.- Gift certificate from Salt and Pepper
50.- Gift certificate from The Bottle House
50.- Calgary’s Farmers Market v
Gift Basket from the Tea
$25 Gift Certificate from Wine Oh’s

Originality Prize:
75.- In Gift Certificates from Casel March (Incl. Cassis Bistro, J. Webbs and Market 17)
$20.- Gift certificat from The Purple Chef
50.- Gift certificate from Los Chilitos Cantina
Gurgle Pot ($40)
Parmesan infused Olive Oil from Oliv Tasting Room

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