Home made Nutella

I love copying things, it is such great fun to find a recipe that looks like, and tastes like (or even better) then the product you find on the grocery shelves.

This weekend I made a batch (1 liter) of home made Nutella.
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Time for Chocolate

We love chocolate! To be honest, I don’t know a lot of people who don’t. But when you add some saltiness and a bit of tangyness, it becomes the best thing I ever ate, by far! It’s a bit of a job, but it’s fun and the result is not only really tasty but also very pretty. The salted pistachio brittle is also nice as a candy, I love how the amber colour with the green pistachios adds that extra pizazz to the tart!
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Todays Dealfind is a $50.- worth of food/alcohol at Tango’s Bistro for only $25.-!!!
We have had the pleasure to eat there already a couple of times and we love it!

The fun thing from Tango is that you can share platters and thus eat a variety of great dishes. Their desserts are so beautiful and soo yummie. I love the way they present their food, it all looks as if the chef’s team cares about their guests eyes as much as about their taste buds.

My favourite was the Truffle Risotto, this dish has me sold on Truffle Oil for the rest of my life. They also had a great platter with cheeses and cold cuts from the old country.

You can still find out more about this deal at:

NOtaBLE’s Stilton Cheese Cake

About a year ago we (Culinary Calgary) visited NOtaBLE in the Bowness area. Wow! That was absolutely one of the best food I ever ate. We had a beautiful salad with Gouda cheese as a starter. I love cheese and of course as a Dutchie I love my Gouda. This was a Sylvan star Gouda and although I buy my cheese from the Dutch Cash and Carry, the Sylvan star is a good cheese and it was lovely with the greens and the vinegar.

We had chicken as an entree and we all were flabbegastered about the yumminess of the chicken. I don’t know what chef Noble does with his chicken but it must be something magical because I have never been able to serve roasted chicken that is as good as he put it on my plate. Our dessert was something I thought I would not like. I am not a fan of cheesecakes, I don’t like the feeling of the sweet cheesyness in my mouth. But Chef Noble completely surprised me; I ate the whole thing! My hubby, always hoping for the leftovers on my plate, was evenly surprised, or must I say disappointed?
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I was so surprised when I found out that there is hardly any butter in buttertarts! In The Netherlands we have buttertart that has plenty of butter in it, hence the name buttertart.
But I love these little tarts, I love the coconut in there, the raisins, this is one the yummiest treats and a great comfort food. Of course you can get nice and lazy and buy ready to bake tart shells or if you have some frustration to get rid of, make your own dough, it works beautiful for my frustration. Use the roll pin and put all your frustration in the kneading and the rolling; it works very therapeutic form me.
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Classic Potato Gratin

At our French themed Potluck party last weekend I made a really yummie gratin. I loved how easy it was. Cooking the potatoes, shortly, in the cream with the garlic added just that extra bit of taste. I used Gruyere, one of my favourite cheeses, for this one!
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Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Bored with Mac and Cheese? Too many KD in your past?

Try this one!

One of my favourite recipes comes from one of my favourite tv chefs Michael Smith. It is a great combination of crab, (or lobster) and cheese, with a lovely hint of cayenne and paprika. Yummy, sooo good.

The fun with Mac and Cheese is that you can play around with it. At one of our previous meetups one of the guests brought in a bacon Mac and Cheese. Our kids loved that one.

I would love to hear your favourite Mac and Cheese recipe.

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese.

Frugal February

Frugal February

For us as a family, December and January are quite expensive with first the holidays and later a couple of birthdays. February is therefore the month to save a bit to come back on track. But I love saving money; it makes me more creative!
There is a lot to save in the kitchen, not just by spending less but also by looking at ways to use whatever you buy in more ways than just one. One of my favourite money savers is to make a week menu. Then shop for the necessary groceries on Saturday. I always have one day “off”, this day is meant for fun and easy; sometimes we go out for dinner and some days we will have some take out. Then of course there are always leftovers for days that we’re just to beat to go anywhere, even to the fridge
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Upcoming Events

French Connection!
Bring your French inspired dish and enjoy an evening with good food and meet other foodies!

Date: March 3, 2011, 6:30 pm
[private]Place: 846 Sierra Madre Court, Calgary[/private]
Host: Anneke


Cupcake Mania! This is a cupcake swap. Bring 15 cupcakes and go home with 15 different cupcakes. There will be tea and coffee to wash away these lovely cupcake crumbs!

Date: March 31, 1:00 pm
[private]Place: 846 Sierra Madre Court, Calgary[/private]
Host: Anneke



Apple-Cardamom Cake

Today I celebrated my birthday. My children woke me up with the traditional Happy Birthday singing and a breakfast in bed. We recently just discovered a Dutch bakery, Glamorgan Bakery, that makes one of my favourit breads: Sugar Bread. This bread has a wonderful taste with layers of sugar and ginger syrup. So I got a wonderful slice of fresh sugar bread with my cup of coffee.

I got an elephant teapot, I collect elephants, and tickets for the Worldcup Speedskating from the kids. So off we went, to the Olympic Oval. Great fun, cheering for both the Canadian and the Dutch! We saw Christine Nesbitt skate a world record on the 1000m. Wow, what a power woman!
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Daddy’s Dutch Pancakes

By far the best pancake baker in the house is my husband Gary. Since a couple of years he is assisted by our youngest daughter Rosemary who loves to give her own spin to the old recipe. They come up with great creations such as Cheese Pancakes, Apple/Bacon Pancakes, etc. Just add your own favourite ingredients and create your own Dutch Pancake.
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The Roots

With a cup of tea and of course a just freshly baked cookie (thanks to my youngest daughter!), I am ready to start this new adventure. Almost two years ago I started Culinary Calgary; a group of enthusiastic foodies who love to talk food, prepare food and of course eat food! With almost 300 members I felt that it is time for the next step.
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Chicken Pesto Penne

Mom, I need your recipes!
My oldest daughter just moved out. Although I still have three kids at home, I miss her a lot. She is not only my daughter but also my sparring partner for new ideas, my right hand (as she is very creative and handy) and now she is growing up she becomes more and more like a best friend.

It’s quiet without her, no mess, no books, paper and pencils every where. She has just finished a program in Technical Theatre and now studies at the School of Art here in Calgary. Close enough to see her a lot, but it is still different than having her around all the time.
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Stamppot Boerenkool (Boerenkool = Farmer’s Cabbage) is an old fashion traditional Dutch meal. People love their Stamppots in the wintertime after a nice skate on the canals.There are different varieties on this theme, some of them use carrots or sauerkraut. What I like is to add some bacon bits to the Boerenkool. To be very honest: I am not a huge fan of this type of meals, however it is as Dutch as you can get and writing a blog about Dutch food without this recipe is as calling a breakfast without a croissant “French”.
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