Meaningful Meals!

Eating together as a family has many, some unexpected, benefits. Results have shown that having regularly family meals is linked to, at least, better adjusted adolescents, less addictions, less obesity and better results in school. Children spend so much time playing soccer, going to ballet classes, etc. that often the traditional family dinner has been […]

Back in town!

We’re back home, still jet lagged and a bit home sick from two wonderful weeks in The Netherlands. Our first vacation back to our old country was a great experience. With the six of us, we toured around as if we were a famous rock band. From one family member to the other, from one […]

100 year Oreo’s! Oreo Cupcakes

This year we celebrate the hundred year anniversary of the Oreo Cookie. This cookie was first made by National Biscuit Company (NaBisCo) in 1912. No one seems to know where the name Oreo comes from, some people say it comes from “or” which means gold in French. But where ever it got its name from […]

Time for Chocolate

We love chocolate! To be honest, I don’t know a lot of people who don’t. But when you add some saltiness and a bit of tangyness, it becomes the best thing I ever ate, by far! It’s a bit of a job, but it’s fun and the result is not only really tasty but also […]

The Roots

With a cup of tea and of course a just freshly baked cookie (thanks to my youngest daughter!), I am ready to start this new adventure. Almost two years ago I started Culinary Calgary; a group of enthusiastic foodies who love to talk food, prepare food and of course eat food! With almost 300 members […]

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    I am Anneke Scholten, wife, mother and food-lover. In 2004 I immigrated from The Netherlands with my husband and kids. Calgary is my hometown and I love this great cities food scene.
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