Chicken Pesto Penne

Mom, I need your recipes!
My oldest daughter just moved out. Although I still have three kids at home, I miss her a lot. She is not only my daughter but also my sparring partner for new ideas, my right hand (as she is very creative and handy) and now she is growing up she becomes more and more like a best friend.

It’s quiet without her, no mess, no books, paper and pencils every where. She has just finished a program in Technical Theatre and now studies at the School of Art here in Calgary. Close enough to see her a lot, but it is still different than having her around all the time.

Today she asked for one of her favourite recipes: Penne with Chicken Pesto. I always add mushrooms, one of my favourite recipes, unfortunately she never liked them so I tried to sneak them into meals that had a saucy consistence. I always explain that mushrooms are like little sponges, they take on the taste of whatever is surrounding them. Our dog, Hopper, does not like mushrooms however as soon as they have been near meat, he eats them without thinking.

So today the recipe I am adding is for my daughter and all the other students out there. Just a little tip, if you don’t like mushrooms, add some tomatoes, zucchini or other vegetables. Please feel free to experiment!



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