Stamppot Boerenkool (Boerenkool = Farmer’s Cabbage) is an old fashion traditional Dutch meal. People love their Stamppots in the wintertime after a nice skate on the canals.There are different varieties on this theme, some of them use carrots or sauerkraut. What I like is to add some bacon bits to the Boerenkool. To be very honest: I am not a huge fan of this type of meals, however it is as Dutch as you can get and writing a blog about Dutch food without this recipe is as calling a breakfast without a croissant “French”.

Tell me your experiences with Dutch food, I love to hear your stories.

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    I am Anneke Scholten, wife, mother and food-lover. In 2004 I immigrated from The Netherlands with my husband and kids. Calgary is my hometown and I love this great cities food scene.
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