Back in town!

We’re back home, still jet lagged and a bit home sick from two wonderful weeks in The Netherlands. Our first vacation back to our old country was a great experience. With the six of us, we toured around as if we were a famous rock band. From one family member to the other, from one friend to the other, we were welcomed with warmth, enthusiasm and of course great food.

Most of the food was not particularly culinary. The funny thing with immigrating is that you miss the ordinary things most. We eat some lovely junk food, awesome Chinese (the Dutch Chinese) food, pancakes, poffertjes (tiny pancake like smothered in butter and hidden under a layer of powdered sugar), Herring (of course eaten on the beach, sooo good) and much much more.
I was not looking forward to my appointment with Mr. Scale, luckily I did not gain too much, phew.

In the midst of our vacation we were invited to eat at my cousin’s Gerry (who’s like a sister to me) and her husband Gerard, who is not only a great guy but also one of the best chef’s I know. We were so lucky because May is the month of the white asparagus. In The Netherlands they call it the White Gold and not without a reason. They’re so delicious when they’re in season. Gerard prepared a 3 course dinner with asparagus playing the star role. After a week of junk food (delicious junk food), this was a healthy but most of all very yummy break of eating bad!

So after two weeks of catching up with friends, family and food, we now have to return to our normal lives. The first thing we eat after returning to Canada was a big steak on the BBQ!

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