Become Calgary’s first Culinary Cowboy/girl

We’re happy to announce the date for Calgary’s first Culinary Treasure Hunt!

On October 13, 2012 you’re invited to compete against Calgary’s fun and fine foodies, the winner will be crowned Calgary’s first Culinary Cowboy!

There are many fun culinary places in our wonderful city and we’re scouting the city to find the most fun and tasting treasures for you to find.

On the day of the Culinary Treasure Hunt we will challenge you with a list of awesome destinations. Just visit these places, perform the crazy fun things we’re asking you to do and take pictures. These pictures are worth points, for every silly treasure/challenge you get points. By the end of the day, send us your “Album” and we will start counting points. The team that collected the most points wins the title “Culinary Cowboy/Girl” and of course some prices.

Some examples of things we could ask you (but we don’t):

  • kiss a Hot Dog
  • stack as many bagels on your head as possible

Well you get the picture: it is all about food, and we will make you love Calgary even more.

Registration is now closed as the maximum amount of teams have already signed up.

This fun event has already been a great success in cities such as Ottawa and New York. It is time for us Calgarians to show our love for food! There is more to Calgary then steaks and potatoes!

Registration is now closed as the maximum amount of teams have already signed up.


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    Culinary Calgary

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    Culinary Calgary

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