Meaningful Meals!

Eating together as a family has many, some unexpected, benefits. Results have shown that having regularly family meals is linked to, at least, better adjusted adolescents, less addictions, less obesity and better results in school.
Children spend so much time playing soccer, going to ballet classes, etc. that often the traditional family dinner has been replaced by a hasty microwaved plastic container in the back of the car. However kids need to get their exercise and it is evident that kids need to get all the chances in the world to become Canada’s next Olympic medalist; it is time to realize the importance of the family meal.

Family meals should be more than just a time to add some fuel to the body. Looking back to my own youth, I remember all these moments around the table, telling about school, listening to my dad’s adventures at work and learning about my mom’s struggle with the vacuum cleaner. I fought with my sibling about who was going to dry or wash the dishes. I fought over those awful Brussel Sprouts that in the end I chewed away with a spoon of apple sauce.

Having a Family meal is about connecting with others in your family but also about modeling good eating habits. Parents who eat together with their children teach them about the fun of food and in the mean time children learn important skills such as portioning, trying new food, sharing and much more.

Meaningful Meals’ mission is to raise awareness for the importance of having a meal together. I strongly believe that by chopping and carving our lives we can make room for this important meaningful meal!


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